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The Mid-West Figure Skating Council is composed of the following area clubs: Heartland Figure Skating Club, Kansas City Figure Skating Club, Line Creek Figure Skating Club, St. Joseph Figure Skating Club, Silver Blades Figure Skating Club, and Wichita Figure Skating Club.

The purpose of the Council shall be:

  • To improve, encourage and advance figure skating for the community served by the Council and cultivate a spirit of fraternal feeling among the figure skating clubs within the Council.

  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information among it's member clubs for their mutual benefits.

  • To provide a means for cooperative activities which will further the objectives of the Council.

Who we are

Join the Council

  • Member Clubs must be from states located in the Mid-West.

  • Upon the Council receiving the signed and completed application, the application will be reviewed and voted on at the next scheduled meeting. If necessary, a special meeting can be called.

  • Admission requires a majority vote of the MWFSC Board.

  • Membership fee for the new member club will be $300, plus the current annual dues adjusted for the remaining number of months left in the fiscal year.

  • The Council has no authority or power to interfere with the rights of it's members as Member Clubs of U.S. Figure Skating.

Board of Directors

President: Kathleen Ogren, Kansas City FSC

Vice-President: Carolyn Goodwin, Line Creek FSC

Treasurer: Suzanne Sullivan, Silver Blades FSC




Becky Batchelder, Heartland FSC

Vickie Bresnahan, Heartland FSC

Darren Lawhon, Heartland FSC

Fran Thornberg, Kansas City FSC

Charmin Savoy, Kansas City FSC

Cindi Carter, Line Creek FSC

Meg Cowger, Line Creek FSC

Debbie Cole, St. Joseph FSC

Ann Hannah, St. Joseph FSC

Wendy David, Silver Blades FSC

Jennnifer Konen, Silver Blades FSC

Janet Tarver, Silver Blades FSC

Barbara Clark, Wichita FSC

Deana Harris, Wichita FSC

Jeannel McCart, Wichita FSC

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